Meet Jaclyn! She is our energetic head coach and the founder of The Lioness Project. Jaclyn is an avid runner, hiker, adventure-seeker, and supporter of strong girls in our community. ​ With an undergrad of Psychology from the University of Victoria, Jaclyn has spent the last few years working as a behaviour therapist with kids and adults with autism. Her understanding and application of behaviour modification therapy sparked a keen interest in learning how to use her understanding of behaviour and cognition to help herself and the people around her become more resilient and more "grittier". ​

This passion for understanding resilience has helped her train for and complete two marathons, numerous half marathons, a triathlon as well as taking a passionate leap as she pursues her new dream career.

In 2018, Jaclyn left her career as a behaviour therapist to pursue the new career of being a Primary Care Paramedic, which she is completing her schooling for now. She also works as a Canadian Forces medic in the army reserves. Learning how to perform under high-stress environments has helped Jaclyn appreciate mental and physical resilience in a whole new way.

Jaclyn Heenan - Founder

"I love to see girls and women get out of their comfort zone to reach the goals that they never thought were possible. As someone who personally deals with anxiety, I understand the struggle of reaching out of your comfort zone, especially when things get tough.

Every day I am learning how to overcome these challenges and grow more and more resilient to these struggles. Learning to look at challenges in a new light has taught me how to view failure as a positive learning experience, not as a source of anxiety or embarrassment.

Growth comes in all forms and I'm learning how to embrace that everyday."


Every dollar raised from our 2019 summer half-day camps will be donated to Free to Run. Join a camp and help girls in conflict-areas around the world take part in empowering sports and adventure activities.