Jaclyn Heenan is the brains behind The Lioness Project. She has been an ardent supporter for young women throughout her life, and through her work as a behaviour therapist, she has gained a strong understanding of what it is that girls need to become more resilient.


The Lioness Project uses female mentorship to help girls become more resilient in their everyday lives. Our programs use a combination of yoga, mindfulness, impactful discussions and self-reflection activities to help girls learn about resilience and to gain tools to help them overcome challenges.


We’re introducing The Lioness Project with half-day summer camps starting August 2019. Each half-day camp will focus on a new topic including: Learning from mistakes, understanding fear (good and bad), growth mindset, and so much more!

Following our launch, we will shortly be offering a choice of day camps, workshops, and extending programs as we grow.


All profits from The Lioness Project during the year of 2019 will be donated to Free to Run. Free to Run is an organization that helps women and girls in conflict areas around the world gain empowerment through adventure sports such as running, yoga, hiking, hockey, and so much more!

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Each half-day camp will focus on a new topic. Girls will explore concepts such as: how to understand fear and the role it plays in our lives, how to manage anxiety in stressful situations, why we need to reach outside of our comfort zones, and how to use mindfulness to reach our goals.

Every summer camp will include a group yoga session, an opportunity to create something new, and opportunities to talk, explore new ideas, and make lasting friendships!


The Lioness Project was founded in 2018 as a non-profit organization. It's sole purpose is to create opportunities for girls and young women to grow and flourish with the aid of modernized teaching techniques that focus on their long-term mental and physical health.

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